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no way jose!

01. name:
02. age: 15
03. location: tampa, florida
04. gender: d00d

01. bands:
reversal of man, city of caterpillar, usurp synapse, tunes for bears to dance to, examination of the..., portrait, maximillian colby, neil perry, i hate myself, khayembii communique
02. movies: young frankenstein, pulp fiction, kill bill volumes I and II, lost in translation, the graduate
03. books: harry potter I II III IV and V by j.k. rowling!!, a heartbreaking work of staggering genius by dave eggers, naked by david sedaris, sleepwalk by adrian tomine, curious george goes to the hospital by h.a. and margret rey
04. television shows: captain planet, green acres, six feet under
05. food/drink: unagi and sunkist

01. bush:
with bush in office, the unemployent rate soared to over 8 million, america experienced its largest budget decline, and the amount of air pollution has almost doubled since 2000. good job!
02. abortion: i'm pretty sure no one would like the government telling them what to do with their body. abortions have been performed for thousands of years... people aren't just going to stop if we make them illegal. we should keep the procedure legal so that they can be done safely instead of in a back alley with a coat hanger.
03. drugs/drinking: i avoid both for the time being but i don't call myself straight edge. if you are aware of the facts and risks and would still like to drink or smoke, go for it!
04. homosexuality: i go to a high school for the performing arts. i'm quite used to being around it, but i still feel a little uncomfortable. i don't have a problem at all with homosexuality, though. if you love someone, you love someone. gender shouldn't matter.
05. suicide: it's the coward's way of coping with life's problems.

01. last thing you bought:
bdg jeans from urban outfitters.
02. last concert/show you went to: i saw tyranny of shaw with crestfallen last month.
03. random picture: pokemon convention!!


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