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no way jose!!@.

01. name :: vanessa elliott, k?
02. age :: 15
03. location :: long beach, california
04. gender :: female

01. bands :: air, the postal service, !!!, holy molar, rilo kiley, the locust, arab on radar, circle takes the square, an albatross
02. movies :: blow, thirteen, run lola run.
03. books :: you dont know me, dangerous angels, thirsty, feed.
04. television shows :: i love the 90's, true life and the real world.
05. food / drink :: i like freezing fruit punch just enough so that its like a slushie and eating it with a spoon

01. bush :: bush is an idiot, no pun intended.
02. abortion :: im against it, but some people cant afford having a child and they have to live with their mistakes.
03. drugs/drinking :: i do drugs and i drink, therefore i cant really say anything. i like them, k?
04. homosexuality :: ive never really met a lesbian before, but i love gay boys, they're so cute. homosexuality is a-ok with me.
05. suicide :: suicide is the dumbest thing i have EVER heard. ew

01. last thing you bought :: DIF to remove wallpaper from my room.
02. last concert/show you went to :: um, i cant really remember. i think ADORA. or something, although next week im going to see gravy train!!!! mmm.
03. random picture ::


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