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stamped. pictures and stuff.

since i am only 14, a lot of my decisions are made for me. my mom thinks it's bad for me to spend my entire summer sleeping until 2 00 in the afternoon and just wasting away all day. so, i am being sent away to sleepaway camp. i'm leaving on sunday at 5 45 a.m. and i won't be back until august 10th because after camp is over i have to go to new york to visit my crazy relatives and celebrate my great grandmothers 90th birthday party. if i go the summer without killing myself, i promise to start voting as soon as i get back.

i look like a boy.

i like my shoes

i get free porn

read it. it will be the best thing you do all summer.

and i still don't have a door for my closet.

i don't know anyone in this community except for jordan, but i think you should all write me letters.

jenna bowen
camp lindenmere
rr1 box 1765
henryville, pa 18332
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