Sometimes You're closer than my skin (myohmyapplepie) wrote in shutup_____ugly,
Sometimes You're closer than my skin

no way jose

01. name :: Melissa
02. age :: 15
03. location :: the OC
04. gender :: female

01. bands :: the blood brothers. my chemical romance. from autumn to ashes. underoath. afi[don't hate]. ummm as i lay dying. hot hot heat. gin blossoms. the goo goo dolls. and more.
02. movies :: donnie darko; girl, interrupted; grumpy old men; edward scissor hands; zoolander, bill and ted.
03. books :: wasted; something wicked this way comes; the best little girl in the world; girl, interrupted; white oleander; the belljar; lullaby; invisible monsters; edgar allen poe's stuff; many more.
04. television shows : family guy, will and grace.
05. food / drink : peanut butter and jelly/ diet rockstars.

01. bush :: He doesn't bother me as much as some.
02. abortion :: pro-life. i believe that abortion is murder. sorry.
03. drugs/drinking :: nope, i claimed straight edge until everyone ruined it. you can do them if you like, but they're not for me.
04. homosexuality :: i think it's fine as long as a couple doesn't adopt.
05. suicide :: the ultimate act of selfishness.

01. last thing you bought :: my chemical romance hoodie...
02. last concert/show you went to :: the blood brothers and red light sting.
03. random picture ::

pictures ::

yeah. eww.

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