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no way jose.

01. name :: lorenzo
02. age :: fifteen
03. location :: cerritos, ca :o
04. gender :: i'm genderfucked. my sex is male.

01. bands :: neon lipstick, goldfrapp, the rapture, the unicorns, air, bebel gilberto, the fever, asahi, sigur rós, miracle chosuke, the blood brothers, the sounds, nico, elliott smith
02. movies :: talk to her, titus, the royal tenenbaums, west side story, casablanca, to catch a thief + much more hitchcock, the reluctant debutante, some like it hot, sleeper, near so far, period, un sueño de michoacán. i really like movies.
03. books :: the flanders panel by arturo reverte-pérez, le petit prince by antoine de saint-exupéry (i forgot where the accent goes!), the hanged man + baby bebop by francesca lia block, 1984 by george orwell, the "his dark materials" trilogy + clockwork by phillip pullman, donde los monstruos viven by maurice sendak (i have the spanish translation!), a clockwork orange by anthony burgess
04. television shows :: i don't like television much, save for cartoons + random foreign soap operas.
05. food / drink :: greek salad, white wine, sparkling cider, tea, soda with citrus

01. bush :: we impeached clinton for lying about his personal life, yet this president lied to us about a war. smooth.
02. abortion :: abortion is not to be used as a way out for those too irresponsible to properly practice contraception.
03. drugs/drinking :: everything in moderation, no? as long as you don't let it ruin your life. i'm a social drinker.
04. homosexuality :: je suis homo. :o (ok, that's a lie, but i love queers. <3)
05. suicide :: the real tragedy of suicide is that people feel the need to resort to it. life shouldn't be wasted. sometimes, life becomes too much for people, though.

01. last thing you bought :: twentyone grams on dvd + some dunkaroos for rossy.
02. last concert/show you went to :: alex + his droogs @ di piazza's
03. random picture ::


don't make fun of my shirt. :[

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