SLUT MURDERER (____shoother) wrote in shutup_____ugly,

no way jose

01. name :: alexis
02. age :: 15
03. location :: los angeles, california
04. gender :: female

01. bands :: the bled, poison the well, saosin, hot hot heat, the postal service, taking back sunday, fata, underoath, yeah yeah yeahs
02. movies :: romeo + juliet, the butterfly effect, moulin rouge, drop dead fred, the notebook, titanic
03. books :: life in the fat lane, gossip girl, face on the milk caroton
04. television shows :: the oc, nip/tuck, will & grace
05. food / drink :: dr. pepper, sushi

01. bush :: i can't stand him, i think many of his veiws are wrong
02. abortion :: if the baby hasn't started developing yet , i am all for it
03. drugs/drinking :: all the crazy drugs like meth and coke are baddd, but marijuana is alright, and drinking is cool as long as you aren't drunk all the time or stoned
04. homosexuality :: whatever floats your boat, i'm cool with it
05. suicide :: i think it's terrible. it is a really dumb way to die. everything in life can be fixed, don't kill yourself over stupid teenage drama

01. last thing you bought :: toothpaste!!
02. last concert/show you went to :: warped tour
03. random picture ::


bleh i need some new ones<3
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