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no way jose

01. name ::
Victoria Anne

02. age :: 14
03. location :: Illinois
04. gender :: Female

01. bands :: cursive, the blood brothers, ima robot, interpol, the stills, bright eyes, hot hot heat, the yeah yeah yeahs, the datsuns, the postal service, azure ray, acceptance, beck, the dresden dolls.
02. movies ::
elephant, kill bill, hedwig and the angry inch, detroit rock city, cold mountian
03. books :: the autobiography of andy warhol, cold mountain, please kill me, sex drugs and cocoa puffs
04. television shows :: degrassi, my so called life, the real world, best week ever
05. food / drink :: anything italian, or sushi. drinkwise, coffee or tea, coke.

01. bush ::
i belive that yes infact he has made a lot of wrong decisions and he shouldn't be re-elected, but i don't think that just because kerry is his biggest running mate he should be voted in either. kerry is almost over-hyped.
02. abortion :: i belive that it's your body and no one, especially the government should tell you what you can and cannot do with it.
03. drugs/drinking :: i personally don't have a problem with any of it at all. once agian, it's your choices.
04. homosexuality :: i'm very glad that the constitutional amendment banning it didn't get passed. you should be able to marry whoever you want.
05. suicide :: it's most definetly not the smartest thing to do. i personally wouldn't and if i had a friend who was borderline doing it, i'd do big things about it.

01. last thing you bought :: starbucks coffee.
02. last concert/show you went to ::
the blood brothers/kill me tomorrow/chromatics
03. random picture ::
 rest area: middle of nowhere illinois.


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