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i love david & jordan.;; no way jose? :x

01. name :: carly lynn.
02. age :: 14.
03. location :: mission viejo, ca.
04. gender :: i'm a girl.

01. bands :: ex models, mates of state, i am the world trade center, thunderbirds are now!, the locust, blonde redhead, tracy & the plastics.
02. movies :: when harry met sally, party monster, love actually.
03. books :: invisible monsters, a heartbreaking work of staggering genuis.
04. television shows :: my-so-called-life, family guy, conan.
05. food / drink :: i like cherry coke & wild rice. :)

01. bush :: he is an idiot.
02. abortion :: i am pro choice, unless you're in your 6-9th month. you have had enough time to get the baby aborted, by then it is practically an actual baby. 6 months is plenty of time to make your decision & follow through.
03. drugs/drinking :: i am for it, but it's all in moderation. don't go overboard.
04. homosexuality :: you love who you love. gender plays no role.
05. suicide :: i am against it. you should never give in, you can always get help/get better. yeah.

01. last thing you bought :: holy molar cd.
02. last concert/show you went to :: plague of dandelions with the mods of the community, hahaha
03. random picture ::
my friends get excited easily.
sorry, i would put something funnier, but i'm stuck in oregon in a hotel right now.


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