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I am applying

Who applys to a community anyways.

My name is Megan.
I am 16.
I am a vegetarian.
I am almost 17 august 4.
I like punk,metal,rock,and hip hop.
My music ranges I like to keep an open mind.
My favorite bands are as follows in a random order: Cattle decapitation,Normajean,ausrotten,biocide,hoa,headnoise,partisans,lcb,virus,voids,aglobalthreat,deathcampaign,carcus,doom,toxicnarcotic,gbh,slayer,ledzepplin,doors,beetles,who, inspired to die,zao, as I lay dying, Armistice, vanhalen,Queen,nakedaggresion,meet the virus, defiance, scarlet, germs,voa, dk, ludicris, figis, The agony scene, naked mannequins, crashdog, decendents, 50 cent, yingyang twins, plagueof dan., narcoleptic youth, youth brigade, x-ray spex, stiff little fingers, whole, garbage, the cranberries, angelic upstarts, conflict, crass, peaches, D40, nausea, addicts, electric six, discharge, extreme noise terror, the havoc, resist and exist, Amnesta, officer negative , cheap sex, skeptix and soo many more bands that I can't remember right now. But you see my range.

I go to a lot of shows.
I go to amusement parks.
My conversations are random and sometimes don't coinside with each other.
Fuck I don't like talking about myself when there are more important things to worry about. Like food.
I like ice cream
And candy
I play softball
I play guitar
I am in a band called the naked mannequins
I sing in that band
Now that you know everything. I hope your happy.

I like movies yes but if you want another list of things you can kiss my ass. Just ask me.
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