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no way jose.

01. name :: Cassie, short for Cassandra
02. age :: almost 15
03. location :: Bay Area, California
04. gender :: Female

01. bands :: Moving Units, a pAper chAse, The Unicorns, !!!, The Faint, Prince (80’s early 90’s stuff) The Vogue, The Streets, Ima robot, Peachcake, xiu xiu, the decemberists, stero total, Duran Duran
02. movies :: The Good Girl, Monty Python and the Meaning of Life, The Labyrinth, Bubble Boy, Rear Window, The Exorcist, Empire Records
03. books :: Tithe, 1984, Helter Skelter, The Princess Bride, Wicked, Into the Wild, Dreams Underfoot (Charles Delint), The Long Walk
04. television shows :: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Degrassi (oh man, that show is addicting) Wheel of Fortune
05. food / drink :: raspberries, propel fitness water, pancakes, orange juice

01. bush :: I don’t agree with his opinions, and I think Cheney has his hand shoved up his ass, so yeah…I’m rooting for Kerry.
02. abortion :: It should be every woman’s right to choose whether or not she has an abortion. If I was pregnant and I couldn’t handle having a child at that point in my life, I would go for it.
03. drugs/drinking:: It’s your body. I’m not into drugs or drinking but I don’t have a problem with people who are.
04. homosexuality :: Love is love.
05. suicide :: It’s sad but if an individual wants out of this world so badly that they are willing to take their own life, then I can only hope it’s a better place wherever they go.

01. last thing you bought :: Three bamboo shoots (for luck) and a teenage mutant ninja turtle watch from target
02. last concert/show you went to :: A Mariachi/Tango Festival, lots of dancing!
03. random picture ::
Not sure if that counts as a picture, sooo…

The one in the middle is a he, great boob job, huh? Meet her in San Fran.


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