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no way jose

01. name :: melissa
02. age :: 16
03. location :: helotes, texas
04. gender :: female

01. bands :: the beatles, sonic youth, beulah, ozma, okkervil river, the unicorns, deerhoof, mates of state, from bubblegum to sky, hellogoodbye, her space holiday, modest mouse, pedro the lion, weezer, mineral, sleater-kinney, the aquabats, the weakerthans, and other good stuff.
02. movies :: yellow submarine, le auberge espagnole, alice in wonderland, elephant, fight club, dangerous lives of altar boys, white oleander, ferris buellers day off, billy madison
03. books :: lullaby, the bell jar, franny and zooey, said the shotgun to the head, alice in wonderland/through the looking glass, billions and billions, survivor, johnny panic and the bible of dreams, cat's cradle
04. television shows :: i don't enjoy watching tv unless its a movie or music videos.
05. food / drink :: veggie burgers and homemade smoothies. mangos and pina coladas. pretzels from the mall.

01. bush :: there seem to be a lot of reasons to hate him, but i'm not big on hate. i don't think he's a good president, but that job doesn't seem very easy anyway.
02. abortion :: pro-choice.
03. drugs/drinking :: i've quit doing all that, and hopefully thats forever. i don't support my friends doing it, but it's not my choice.
04. homosexuality :: love is love.
05. suicide :: is a stupid choice for anyone to make.

01. last thing you bought :: a jones soda at a gas station in louisiana.
02. last concert/show you went to :: some spanish guy with my mom in puerto rico.
03. random picture ::


i guess thats it.

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